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Monday, July 4, 2011

reminiscing a lot of morning.

I really wanna go back. To that lively moment.

Usually, I am the last person to arrive bathroom in the morning. While the others already combing their hair in front of the mirror. some just use their hands, want to look a bit messy. 

maybe that was just describing myself?

yet, there are boys spiking up their hair.

at the same time, we can hear the voices of girls.



passing in front of the boys dormitory.
heading to the lecture hall. everyone wants to look nice. me either. but I always choose flannel over t-shirt. which for me look casual, but still smart. don't you think so?

with black jeans. looking good in my eyes. I am just confident about that. add on; my light brown kappa shoes. by the way, the lecturers encourage student to wear shoes. so, why not?

I am sure that actually there is a sound that haunting everyone. not in the mind, nor the ears but it comes from the stomach.

food.. food.. pakdol.. hehe..

those who managed their time well, will succesfully bought those delicious stuffs from pakdol's place. 

me? loser. will only pass my rm5 notes (only for breakfast??) during class interval at 1000.

arghh!! I miss waking up early in the morning for that though I hate it.

every moment taught us, at least a lesson. 

thanks for reading. now hit that blue button!!

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~nashrulez~ said...

rajin amat nuan update blog..

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