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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Kereta kenak curi konok


I am well-dressed today. Wearing  HnM light-blue shirt (jawad berik) and black trousers that I bought for rm20 yesterday at Brand's Outlet Viva City. I'm so lucky because it's the only pair with the price. I really need to buy it because I dont have any trousers for an interview. Going to work and do the non-engineering stuff: photocopying, drove my boss to bank and he treat me with Marrybrown for breakfast. What a bliss.


resuming my photocopying works as we returned from the bank and met En to borrow his necktie during lunchour. Campus life was easier. Just walk from room to room to borrow a tie. Now have to drive a few KM at least. Arrived the venue for interview just on time. Alhamdulillah I think I did well. I leave the rest to Allah

Here's the highlight. I thought my car was stolen and it feels like the world is collapsing, my head was spinning, I can't feel my legs, I don't know who should I call first, either the police or my dad who is now at his hometown in Teganu boh. It turned out to be that I parked my car on the other side of the block. 


 That was the most relieving feeling I've ever felt. Everything looks the same (parking area) which made me sure my car was stolen. The same spot at the first area was the only spot that has no car. damn it. maybe I was too nervous for the interview before that I didnt take note my actual car park.

 I straight away went to have a slice of Brownies at Bing! after I've found my 'stolen' car. And I went home an hour later


Dinner with my MRSM closest friend, Yazid. catch-up session bla3 and went back home.


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