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Monday, April 11, 2011

selamat hari jadi freak!


tak sampai sebulan dah ada seorang lagi kawan aku yang sambut birthday. dapat lah aku makan kek ni. bahaha.. sapa ntah nak belanja kek. gila mahal. okay. our birthday boy today(6th april) is Muhamad Azri Sarbini . And as usual you can click the name for his facebook. Add la. Tapi kalau tak kenal, tak payah add. Malu doe tak kena approve. ngahaha.

well, about this birthday boy. I don't have any idea about where does this alien comes from. Some people said he is from nameck and some said he is a saiyan royal family. But wherever is his origin, we still think that he is freak and annoying. Sometimes he look like an emo boy who make it to the university. haha. sikdalah jeri.. layan bebual jap. :p

okay. the story is simple. this is my classmate in the physical science foundation in Unimas. Typically, we started  a conversation and found that we are in the same league or genre. we talk more and yeah, that's it we become bestfriends. (kita bestfriend ka) hahaha

I made a surprised for him along with apip, epul, en, adzim.. the ideas came from her girlfriend la.. haha.. ok2.. I upload the pictos soon.. gtg.. dah lama dah nak post. masa takdak!

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