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Monday, April 11, 2011

fakta ini minggu (1st week of april)

  1. English project is heaven. maybe I should create an exclusive post for that event.
  2. physics test is done.
  3. going to Bintulu this Thursday! jiyyeeaarh but I'm quite hesitate because someone really really looking forward to see me here in UNIMAS this weekend as they will be having a motivational camp here for two nights. so, it is a little  bit disappointment  here but never mind. hopefully Saturday will allowed me to see her. Sorry dear, Bintulu is more attractive than you. haha. sikdala.. just kidding.
  4. I wanna watch 3 idiots. :( haha this statement again?
  5. what else hah?
  6. inianwarhadi and matluthfi90 uploaded their awesome videos.
  7. Someone finally approving me on facebook pending the friend request from me that had been rejected several times by that person. Is it because the "cute compliment"? hahahaha. oh wait, I'm not being approved actually but the person added me. thanks. :) mesti you guys wonders that person ya he or she nak? hahaha.. perasan aku tok. macam la orang nak tahu sangat cecite aku..
  8. hmm.. apa gik oh..
  9. tiz zaqyah had recovered from its injury. (not her injury) 
  10. I helped someone to print some chemistry notes. first time communication. LOL.
  11. I'm not ready for that long holiday. I know it must be boring.
*never thinking of commit suicide. 

Al-Fatihah to sachess qasypie. may Allah fogive us.

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