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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


hai. nama aku aby. umur 8 bulan lagi nak masuk 19 tahun. damn. I am so surprised after azri told me that next year we will be twenties.. urgh.. I am 173-174 height so if I am playing at the old trafford, I will be the same tall as rafael da silva, that young defender omg I wish I could be like ryan giggs at least.. but great football players are not tall at all as you can see the legendary maradona and messi who just won the ballon d'or aka the golden ball last night. they just 165+. hehe.

by the way or btw, that title is my id for twitter. you can start follow me,I'll follow you back if I am willing to..  yah, you know there are news about facebook will be closed down this march, 15, so I strongly believe that people will move to twitter. perhaps, some will return to friendster. wow! so long. haha. but, zuckerberg's gave his reasons that doesn't make sense at all for me. ahh.. sukati nya ,pun sia. follow twitter ku ahh.. chow!

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