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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Retreat 2020

Asalamualaikum and hello, world.

Talking or discussing about politics are inevitable. Politics are subjects that you should be aware of and being up to date to. I see people who don't care at all about politics are in a sorry state of voluntarily ignorance.

We are getting older and every tomorrow is a future. Being eager to know about the truth are an act to survive. When we have the knowledge, only then we can proceed to the next level of thinking which are comparing, synthesizing and analysing. Next, we act, with our hearts, our voices, our hands.

However it is very disappointing to see some people only believing and accepting from only one side of sources without even trying to seek about the truth by themselves. Every word from their leader are facts and non-arguable.

And today we see our country in a hand of a leader that asks his minions to answer all the questions that should be answer by himself. Those who resist are being slayed from the arena. I don't think we should talk about the economy anymore because it's already doomed.

God please save our country.


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