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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

An exclusive pleasure

Asalamualaikum and hello, world. 

I sat for a Foundation engineering paper today. Alhamdulillah. There are too many blessings to be counted. To make it clear why I write an entry about this paper is because from the record, I will failed and have to repeat every courses related to soil, every semester and I knew it even after I answer the question paper and I'm always right. However I've promised myself to change that this time. And I did it. It was an exclusive pleasure. Not everyone get the chance to experience thing like this. Nevertheless, I still want to give thanks to Allah for;

  • Giving me the health and strength to study and to live. 
  • Bless me with good foods to comfort me after hours of studying. 
  • Made me understand what Im trying to understand. 
  • Keeping me out of trouble 
  • A peaceful mind during this study week
  • Friends that are willing to help. 
  • Friends that were asking for help. They are helping me at the same time. 
  • My parents, family. 
  • Everything.    
Sometimes we think we are unlucky and not having as much as what other people have. Actually, there are things that we have but those people don't. They won't even have the chance to get it. Allah Maha Adil. 

Don't afraid of pressure because pressure makes diamonds and we are diamonds taking shape. 



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