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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

another day of being a teacher


This is the most avoidable day in my life! as if I could avoid it. -.- 


I don't like Tuesday at all for this month only actually. The only reason is because I have to 'teach' a lot of classes. It is so tiring you know. you have to speak out loud in front of the class. I even did not sit in the class because I saw it my teacher never sit when they were teaching. That impressed me so much.

And it is Ramadhan. the student is a huge challenge for me. maybe that is the reason God wants me to do this. This is my test perhaps.What is left for me is that I must keep being patience and carry this responsibilities at my best. :)

Just so you know, I will have classes until 4pm today. fortunately, I don't have to enter class for afternoon session! yippeee! wohoo!! glad that the teacher told me about it. The form 5 students have a workshop. So now I'm doing my undone work, yet blogging this! :D

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