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Sunday, August 22, 2010

oh kampong!

aku tak boleh nak duduk diam. aku tak tahan jadi orang yang pasif dan tak buat apa-apa kerja. tapi sekarang ni bulan puasa jadi aktiviti kebiasaan aku iaitu futsal/bola sepak tak dapat nak jalan sangat. bukan la aku nak jadikan alasan berpuasa terus tak boleh nak buat kerja tu semua tapi aku takut sangat aku dah tak jadi orang dah nanti. jadi tengkorak pulak. aku dahla kurus, kalau waktu puasa pun nak bersukan, makin kurus la aku.. taknak aku. nanti orang takut tengok aku. lagipun lepas puasa kan raya. mesti la semua orang nak nampak segak kan. why not i take this chance to light up my skin. hehe.. how i want to be more good looking than my brothers though. some of my friends always said that my brother Farhan and Fakhri are more good-looking than me. I don't know if that is a facts or they just want to make my motivation down. ahha.. kidding. I know i am not handsome. that is a true confession okay. :p but my sayang always told me that i am 'macho' by the way i look.. ayayayaya.. :D okay. i know i have to stop making writing compliments about myself. i know! i know! haha..

hmm.. but people ALWAYS told me to build some fats or if can, go to gym or eat some weight-gain product, vitamin A-Z, bla3.. maybe they imagine me to be a person that have more protein. i hope that i have actually. but, how ah.. until now i failed to gain 10 kilos. (now i am 53/54 for you to believe it or not by the way i look..)

cannot wait for Hari Raya holiday where i want to bite and swallow and gulp all the food at home.. usually cooked by mom, sis ida, sis zana, nekwan.. huhu...

do comment for any tips in gaining protein.. :p


Anonymous said...

tips mok molah bdn,

hardwork, determination & discipline.

dietary supplement is bonus, gym work is perfection.

makan cukup zat, tido cukup jam.

fabio paro said...

wow.. who r u btw?? thankss ahh

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