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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

memories#1 kid.

How I miss those days when I don't have to study at all and I score the highest mark in exam. Be the king. Snatched the top places of the class from the girls who always think they are smarter than boys. That was history. It happened  back to primary school ages. I wish I could be the same as myself during the past. Damn it stupid.


ain hazirah said...

ehem ehem , zaman dulu kala . woi woi , jgn give uppppp lahhh :D

Al Farabie Ropa said...

sikdala give up. haha. tension do kinek sikpat jawab soalan segitiga. (trigono) haha

ain hazirah said...

owhhh , trigono . alaaaa , kau pandey bahh bro :)

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